iPas takes a complicated process and breaks it down into easily digested bites. In my experience, this is quite a rare thing…even moreso when they get it RIGHT! Many people have tried to create automated systems for home business owners but unfortunately, …they all seem to fail in one way or another. The reality is that a fully automated business system doesn’t really exist. There are too many variables, …too many human elements that complicate an affiliate driven business system. And while you might be able to create a business system that works for you, …finding one that works for the majority of people is another thing all together.

Watch the Video of co-founder’s Chris Campbell and Chris Jones explaining exactly what iPAs is:



It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.)

…Oprah Winfrey


While iPAS is uncomplicated and automated for the end user, …that isn’t the case for the inner operations of the system. iPAS has four fully staffed offices full of trained individuals who are working for you to inusre your success. iPAS has taken calculated procedures and implimented them into a fully staffed office environment that allows the iPAS system to work seamlessly between prospect, affiliate and the professional staff that run it.


Look…it doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the internet marketing scene or a seasoned pro….iPAS will work for you. The two co-founders Chris Jones and Chris Campbell like to say that iPAS is, …”The sum of All Parts”.
The Sum of All Parts…

There are alot of reasons that iPAS can realistically claim to be the “sum of all parts.” Much of that has to due with the trained staff that work with you every step of the way. If you were an expert in closing sales, ….you wouldn’t need such a service. If you were an expert at driving traffic, then perhaps the traffic building experts at iPAS wouldn’t be such a huge benefit to you. But chances are, …you haven’t yet become an expert in these area’s. Think about this for a moment….isn’t this the number one reason that so many internet businesses fail to succeed? The best product or service on the net won’t net you profit if noone is seeing your offer…..OR, ….if you utilize an ineffective method of closing the sale. Watch the video below to hear from some of the actual people on the iPAS team that will be working to help you build your business each step of the way…